Teacher Pay Raise

Teacher Pay Raise

Representative Williams Barnes continues to make education a top priority. The education of our Mississippi students is one of the most important issues dealt with in each and every legislative session. Already, this year, the question of a Teacher Pay Raise has come up on the House floor.

House Speaker Phillip Gunn, in January, announced that he supports an across-the-board pay raise for all Mississippi teachers. Many House Democrats also support this type of pay raise. Unfortunately, however, Governor Bryant and Lt. Governor Reeves have both gone on record supporting a Merit-Based Pay Raise. Mississippi pays its teachers the lowest wage of any state in the nation. While a merit-based pay raise may be something that the legislature could one day look at, to immediately attract the best teachers and educators to our state, the legislature must now commit to evening the playing field and increasing the base salary for all of the state's hardworking teachers.

Statement from Representative Williams Barnes

"We, as Mississippians, must realize in order for our state to be competitive in economical development and growth, we must first be competitive in educating our children. Businesses are attracted to states that have excellent schools, because business owners and leaders understand that good schools produce good workforces. Education is the strongest economical tool we have. We need to sharpen our tools."


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